DSR Lines - Spoel (2LP)

24 EUR

Appeared only on cassette in 2014, this new edition in double Lp features 3 unreleased tracks. David Edren's organic minimal electronics are never majestic or magniloquent (like Schulze or Froese) and never neurotic or aggressive for that matter. It is a soft music, delineating echoes of sacred geometry in the emotional balance between oscillations, frequency modulations, and rhythmic pulsations. Diamonds, mineral combinations, emerald luminescences, hydrogen cascades and stratospheric colours like on Jupiter and Saturn...a dance of asteroids and meteorites in orbit and satellites of silent harmonies. But Spoel is not just a departure to the unknown Space more an attempt to miniaturistic description of another macrobiotic life of "unfolding planets," which is first interior than exterior. A refined touch with an array of analog instruments creates small sketches of cellular symphony, like in an anatomical trip of hidden micro-bodies, listening to blood streams, vibrational motions of Prana, muscle strings or air passages. The general tone has little in common with the “oriental void” but there is an evident desire for quiet as a prelude to the Satori. All this makes Spoel a great micro-tonal investigation work and conncects Edren with great visionaries such as Micheal Hoenig, J.D.Emmanuel or Tonto's Expanding Head band.