M. Zalla - Mondo Inquieto (LP)

16 EUR

Maestro Piero Umiliani returns in the alter ego guise of M. Zalla for the 1974 compositional library piece Mondo Inquieto ('Restless World') via his far reaching, experimentalist imprint Sound Work Shop.
Umiliani portrays a diverse amalgamation of styles and emotions via his preoccupation with the developing world and its destructive tendencies . Ambient tensions are represented via a dramatic cross fertilisation of orchestral strings, layered synths and primeval percussion with the Maestro on moody, reflective compositional duties (dialling in ominous, suffocating vibes to create unsettled feelings of self immolation).
Stand out cut Strategia ('Strategy') harnesses the dopest Wu Tang Beats alongside swathes of high end electro blankets and is a sample classic aching to be reworked into further outer cosmos soundscapes.
Black Sweat Records have again transferred the elements of this little known Umiliani microcosm into a respectful reissue via an integration of the stark, haunting sleeve design, Laquer cutting from the original master tapes and Umiliani's personal autobiographical notes on the project.. Leftfield audio soundtrack scholars rejoice for Umiliani's prolific legacy continues to endure and astonish.