Maurizio Abate - A Way To Nowhere (LP)

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Maurizio Abate is a self taught guitarist active since 2000s, with a dinstinctive approach to experimentation.
Since 2006 he has made several recording sessions, released on some LPs under his own name and other collective groups, he collaborates with David Vanzan and Virginia Genta (Jooklo), Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mother Temple), Luca Massolin (Golden Cup) and many others He is currently involved in the project Eternal Zio and plays live in the project BeMyDelay.
The records aggregates many influences he had in recent times, from the meditative krautism of Popol Vuh and the inalienable passion for blues guitar.
Some of the tracks were skatches to work on, others were the result of long improvisations which have been rearranged and mixed later.
The records sees contributes from good friends like Rella The Woodcutter, BeMyDelay and Alberto Boccardi and features a piece of interview with Aldous Huxley on "Towards the Outside".  

Friendly co-production with Boring Machines.
Available on 250 copies, black vinyl.